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Hydro-Lac®, a patented technology is brought to you by Form-A-Feed to help mitigate the effects of heat stress on your livestock.

Whether you operate a dairy or a feedlot, research has shown the negative effects that heat stress can have on livestock productivity. The cost of heat stress to our industries continue to climb from millions to billions each year as productivity losses. Form-A-Feed understands these losses impact all facets of your operation. From breeding time, to milk production, from growth to grade, to the harsh reality of death loss, not being prepared for heat stress or being armed with the tools to work through heat events will put you at higher risk for further economic and livestock loss. As a part of the Hydro-Lac Heat Abatement Team, you will be able to conduct your own analysis of your operation and how it will allow you to deal with heat stress events. Taking this information into consideration and using the patented, proven technology of Hydro-Lac, you will be able to get early notifications of pending heat events and extremity of those events to better prepare and work through these heat challenges. Form-A-Feed is committed to helping provide you with individualized on farm resources, the latest research and trusted heat abatement products, as well as innovative heat abatement consultants driven to help reduce the negative effects heat stress may have on your operation. We look forward to working with you.